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How's My Driving

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FREQUENCY: 925.47851

DESCRIPTION: Yuya isn't difficult to catch via radio during the day unless he's in the middle of practice.


LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: Any manner of taping it to the door, pushing it into or under the door, or making a little paper plane and throwing it at Yuya directly are effective ways of getting letters to him. Or you can use the mailbox properly!

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Yuya Sakaki

JOINED: 04/2017

✧COMMON CHANGE: A coarse, stone-like iridescent pattern along his back to his shoulder shaped like etched swirls & a gold Fae mark on his chest in a stylized Pi symbol. Ref. His shadow now resembling Zarc, pre-dragon merging.
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: An independently moving shadow. (Portland)

1ST CONTRACT: Help saving Yuzu and Reira.

PLAYER: Athuria
CONTACT: [ profile] monochromic 

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Name: Athuria
[ profile] monochromic 
Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Yuya Sakaki
Age: 14
Species: Human
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V
Canon Point: The end of episode 140

Character Info: Boom

Personality: Yuya is first and foremost an entertainer and he's full of energy. He likes to make people laugh and smile and that's been a major driving force in his life. To a degree he used this as a crutch to shelter his hurt feelings at his father disappearing to the point he acts clownish and ridiculous--but as he matures this grows into a genuine desire to make other people happy and bring them together with his duels. To do that, he's learned how to better communicate with others who are different from him. He's learned how to compromise and speak to others from their perspective and not be so stubborn that his view is the "right" one.

He's a very emotional person, often ruled by his feelings. His recent developments in canon have taught him to express his feelings more openly. It's helped him manage his actions and thoughtfulness better, but more importantly it's what builds a bridge between him and other people. At the start of the series Yuya is deceptively closed off about his real feelings and appears to have few friends. He finds camaraderie out of necessity as he pursues Yuzu, but it's his honest feelings that then develop those meetings into a friendship he values. This honesty has made him much more bold.

That said, even with few friends at the start he doesn't appear particularly lonely. It isn't a lack of friends he struggled with so much as a lack of acceptance--his father's disappearance made him an easy target of bullying and he had to cope with that shame and rejection. His confidence was based entirely in the friends who supported him and he was easily shaken by rejection or losing his crutches (such as his unique pendulum summoning). He's begun learning to be honest with his feelings even in the face of having them rejected, and that strength is where he's begun to find his self-esteem.

Yuya's fatal flaw is his impulsiveness. He's very quick to act first and think about it later--if he even thinks about it at all. Emotions run high for him, and sometimes he acts so rashly that he comes across as less clever than he actually is. He tunnel-visions and overlooks important, obvious details when he's caught up in his impulses. In truth Yuya is very observant, but he sometimes forgoes paying attention for the sake of acting immediately.

Although he's struggled through canon with his self esteem, Yuya has always been courageous. He isn't afraid to go to any lengths for his friends, or face difficult but necessary situations. For Yuya those he calls his friends are important. He's self-aware of his reliance on others and knows how much they have held him up even when he was miserable from the loss of his dad. He's kind to most people and he doesn't believe in conflict and violence, but his friends come first above all else. He'll even disregard his own success, such as his championship duel, for their sake.

The value he has for his friends is how they save him, even. That support gives Yuya the strength he needs through the series to fight Zarc's possession, up until the point in his canon where he takes enough control to weaken Zarc so that he can be beaten.

As the purified fragment of Zarc, Yuya is adverse to cruelty. It doesn't mean he never lashes out or gets angry, but he's against unnecessary conflict. He doesn't like violence in entertainment and even when the crowd is cheering feels regret for hurting others during his duels. He has to have true contempt and blame for someone to decide that they deserve violent justice--such as when people hurt his friends. And even then, he's recognized sympathy in his enemies. He's generous and offers a hand even to someone who hurt a friend because he recognized they didn't want to, and he did it in the face of so much pain it caused him as well.

And Yuya recognizes that he is Zarc, if even just a part of him, and there's a degree that he takes ownership of Zarc's actions from the original dimension. Yuya willingy accepts the blame for things that he regrets, things that he considers his responsibility. He doesn't martyr himself over his failings, but he does accept his responsibility and if he can, he'll try to make amends.

Abilities: He's super nimble and acrobatic, having practiced to entertain large audiences with his games.

His berserker state is often listed as an ability, but it doesn't grant any additional skills--he only becomes more merciless and violent. This state has been removed from him as of his canonpoint, due to being Zarc's influence.

He also has the ability to communicate with the other souls inside of his body, and switch between them. For the sake of RP he'll only be arriving to the carnival on his own since the other characters are technically appable entities and I don't want to play four characters. 8|;

Yuya's duel disk has the ability to create tangible holigrams for the purposes of dueling. In theory these holigrams can be guided for purposes outside of battle, but Yuya uses them first and foremost for the Duel Monsters game--and he abhors violent use of the system.

Soul Colour: Golden yellow

Ideal Jobs: Acrobat, or any performance job.

Relevant Experience: Yuya is an entertainment duelist, which means a lot of physical stunts on the field to grab people's attention and obtain game-changing cards. He goes to a school to train these skills and has obstacles in his house (such as a rock wall to get to the second floor instead of stairs) so he's as acrobatic as any fourteen year old who's been doing gympastics since they were a young.

Reason for Joining: Yuya arrived just as his dimension was rearranging itself, falling between the cracks before his memory was rewritten and ended up in the carnival instead. Disoriented and upset, one of the Fae employees sat him down and listened to his vent. They recommend he speak to the Ringmaster.

He ended up agreeing to a contact, a year and a day. In exchange, he asks for help to save Reira and Yuzu. Of course, at the period he arrived at the carnival the dimensions of his world are all still trying to re-separate... it's hard to tell what needs to be done to save them. So Yuya agrees to figure out the specifics at the end of his contact, when he returns to his world and can see what state they're in.

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